Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling

What We Accept and Offer

We accept the following grades of metal in the form of solids, turnings, borings, grindings, drosses, skimmings, slags, residues, and baghouse dust from industrial, manufacturer, and dealer/wholesaler accounts. We do not operate a retail yard and as such do not accept scrap metal from the general public or scrap metal peddlers.

  • Free Cutting Rod Brass Cda 360
  • Cartridge Brass 70/30
  • Commercial Bronze 90/10
  • Gilding Brass 95/5
  • Copper (All Grades)
  • Composition Brass and Bronze
  • Brass & Copper Dross, Skimmings, and Residues
  • Aluminum (All Grades)
  • Baghouse Dust
  • Aluminum & Manganese Bronze
  • Phosphor Bronze Solids
  • Cupro Nickel
  • Radiators
  • Journal Brass